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Professional developments:
Escape during the summer of 90, from the Academy of Costume and Fashion of Rome, begins its professional career coming choice, between the colleagues of last course to parade for the final work of the same Academy, in Villa Medici, with to 14 neo-designers. In that occasion, it comes rewarded with a stage, of 3 months, near the Missoni company to Sumirago, from where it comes newly called to parade, like emergent designer, In the ambit of the First Pret at Porter Fair, always in Rome. Here, she opens a small study of design, always in the understood one them and of continuation the collaborations with numerous stores are made more grips for which it is not only taken care of the creation of the model, let alone of the choice of the woven ones and it spins to you, but it also cures the supervision of the relative mass production.

Important, from the 94 in then, the contacts with the United States, in particular with New York.

Numerous the travels of search styling joined to the references of the trend fashion.

the TREND, therefore important and visible in the States. Lover of the contact with the public, continues to be present at the fairs of field with just a stand, is in the understood one them that to Florence and Milan.
The direct answer of the public, without the intermediations of the marketing and the publicity is of large incitement, until succeding in to only make advisings of lines or styling, without never to leave the development of the samples and the creativity of new concept realizing fashion events for clients and personal, giving support to the professional public too and fashion lovers, through Workshop and seminary during fashion events or directly in her studio