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concept line
designed by...
francesca de nardi

Solar, linear impact, cleaned up.
These the characteristics that are picked up in the immediate whole vision....
this is Francesca De Nardi in person.
The same feelings pick in all her works.

From the advising, to the technical designs, from the fast sketches, to the sinuose illustrations, until the material searches.
Every job is always pervaded from the same one feeling, that in it is fashion show, is in show-room.

From the swimsuits, to the dresses from mesh day, until those from evening and in order always concluding with the white ones final, the bride. From the last collections it emerge the accuracy in the search of the lines, the particular simplicity of the cuts and the over-refinement of the woven ones. The same one for the fabrics print and the finishing touches to half between the street wild and casual of the American 7th.

All much coolness and portable, but at same time so cool from being able to even wear it on foot knots, covered only from precious bijoux, clouds of foulards and many flowers.

The woman who exits some outside is of warm, solar, Mediterranean temperament... little bit wild perhaps, always little bit hippie and apparently taking care of nothing. Enough little in order it attract attention one decided personality, perhaps some grain of star powder more on the skin!

warm colours, knitwear, transparent fabrics...

Our lines are refreshingly cheerfulevoking the all-natural beauty typical of the Mediterranean Woman,
 without any kind of exces only for the choise of material and accessories!

specializing in the study of apparel lines, colors, fibers, trends and consumer preferences. Modernization of the material tendencies accessories and market through the constant partecipation to the field fairs. 
Analysis and verification of new trends, markets and points of sale in main Italian cities. 
Extensive knowledge of all production phases and in-depth study of customer demands and expectations
International Headquarters based in Rome, Italy, complete with showroom where to sample/purchase prototypes that suit your needs. Please contact us for an initial consultation and a free quote