nuova finestra



All the women, since from early age, dream the day of their wedding as a fairytale...
but when the dream is in order to become truth, notice of how much are difficult to organize, in the wished way, the great event of their life. For this, in order to facilitate them things, the eternal city, understood them of Italy and the love, have prepared to the fair of Rome, until 19 January, the event "Rome Spouse". Here, it can be found of all, from the dressed one from black, super spouse sexy, to that white man classic from prince, wedding keepsakes in ceramics to those in woven of rice, from you sew some to the fouton, from the extra luxury car, to the little orchestra of entertainment, until arriving to the honeymoon. Since but that it seems to enter in a chaotic center trades,  made of thousand stands, ones near the others, whose vendors attack the passing onlookers, not as soon as they enter in their visual beam, in order to give them, depliants illustrated, booklets, inserts that they describe, with thousands oh chats, their merchandise. Result: it is exited from the fair with the hands loaded with envelopes full of advertising material, totally stunned from many wonders, more confused and undecided than before. But, in means to this chaos they trades, our attention has been magnetized from a small but incredibly eccentric stand, that one Francesca De Nardi, designer of not only originates them dresses from bride but also of inspiration heads vintage or pieces originate them of years ' 50-' 60 personalize to you, stamp canvas and swimsuits to you in surfista style: the all realized one with fabrics valuable and from the unavailable fantasies that she same search and succeeds to find in its round-the-world trips. An oasis in the desert and the proposals from spouse seen, that they are resembled between they, an example of as who can itself be still found has the passion to realize pieces on measure, only dresses express designs to you and manifactures you for those who wants to be truly only, in the day of the own wedding. An only council if you want to be married: visited also "Rome Spouse" but you have the ability to maintain the mind polishes in choosing, in means to the country of the toys, only those that it appeals to to you and that it will allow you to get the day of your wedding beautifulst and perfect of your life.

by Daniela Feletto