personal shopper

the service is possible get on-line too, write 1 week before @...and we mail you back all the reports, info or consultance you need just received the payment through the bank.

The service offer:
- a preliminary study on the client exigency, way of life and way of thinking;
- a qualified adviser will take an appointment the day before for shopping, directly at the hotel or when it will convenient, to plan the shopping's tour.
- info about the last trend and on what kind of shopping you should draw your attention.
- an impartial opinion on the choices you made.

For the foreign buyers living outside the European Community, it is possible to go shopping in the biggest shops in Rome obtaining a tax refund when you leave.

In practice this will result in a discount of 20 percent that the tourist can obtain at the moment he goes at the boarding gate in the airport. Info about the shops that have this facility, giving the choice to have this advantage.

An adequate advice allows you to manage at best your shopping, to make it "perfect" to your exigencies.
Rome is a big city, beautiful but dispersive and for this reason you often risk to lose precious time even to reach areas that are close to each other.

We could decide together to choose a shopping tour only by feet, walking in the street and via, looking those shops that are not common and characteristic, or going by car rent or by taxi.

The personal shopper is your personal guide. Buying something is not only an exigency, but it is also a personal pleasure. When we go shopping we satisfy ourselves.

The cities are often like a jungle in which it is very difficult to get out...
we fight against time, different choices and thousand of other difficulties that turn our moments of relax in terrible runs, full of tension, looking for shops, articles and ideas.
The personal shopper helps, guides and gives you advice on what to buy, where and how; he also makes your time precious because he helps you to buy what you effectively need; he offers a precious company and an important comparison, especially when the object to buy is of  high value and for this reason it need an impartial opinion.

Our basic fare is as following:
a) Consulting on buying products with the visit of an our staff member to your hotel and a planning on what you need to buy.
b) A personal shopper for three/four hours in your mother tongue, if possible, or in English.

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